Our Mission

Spreading & Deepening Your Satisfaction in Jesus Christ

Newark Community Church (NCC) exists to glorify God and enjoy Him forever as a church family and to invite others into that joyous life.  That is why we are here.  We get there by carrying out the Great Commission (make disciples who make disciples) with the affections of the Great Commandment (love the Lord our God).  Our God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in His Son, through the Spirit.  We want to help you to spread and deepen your satisfaction in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission & Discipleship Process:

Our aim is to keep our discipleship process (mission) as simple as possible.  We use the 4 E’s, Exalting Jesus Christ, Edifying & Equipping His Church, & Evangelizing His World to help you spread and deepen your satisfaction in Christ.

Exalting Jesus Christ: Through the preaching of God’s perfect Word, we aim to increase your adoration, worship, affections, and delight in Christ.  The more rightly you know Him through the Bible, the more intimately you can worship Him relationally.  A shallow understanding of God leads to shallow worship.  We want you to grow in your exaltation, adoration and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Edifying Christ’s People: As disciples of Christ we are called to live in community with one-another.  This world is far too dark and complex to walk alone.  A lone-Christian is a target for the enemy.  We use our Gospel Communities (small groups) to help build a sense of family where the vast number of one-another commands (love, weep, rejoice, pray, help, and care for one-another) can be carried out as life is lived together.  This is authentic community where you know others and are known by others.

Equipping Christ’s Church: We want God’s Word to take root in you and spread to others as you make disciples in 1 on 1 Discipleship.  1 on 1 Discipleship happens as you plug in at NCC by connecting with your Gospel Community leader or one of our pastors.  In one-on-one Discipleship, you make a commitment to be accountable to your mentor and you make a commitment to disciple someone else when you are sent.  1 on 1 Discipleship is where you learn how to radically follow Christ and lead others in following Christ.

Evangelizing Christ’s World: We want you to join God’s work in His world through missions, evangelism, and serving in our community. Faith comes through hearing the Good news of what Jesus Christ accomplished through His life, death, and resurrection.  We aim to equip our people to tell the greatest story ever told; the story of Redemption (Creation, the Fall, the Incarnation/Solution, and the Restoration/Response).  We don’t want to give a canned Gospel presentation, we strive to be equipped to share the Grand Story of Christ and to give a defense for the hope that is in us.

 The Process looks like this…

Our Discipleship Process